The 5 skin types and how to ideally care for your skin type

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From a cosmetological perspective, there are 5 different skin types that have different needs, depending on sensitivity, moisture and sebum secretion. Learn more about your skin and how to properly care for it:

1. Normal skin
Normal skin is balanced, neither oily nor dry and does not need any extra care beyond the normal routine.

2. Dry skin
Dry skin feels tense, tends to be easily irritated and sometimes has a gray cast (due to dry skin cells). Dry skin is often caused by external causes such as weather or dry air and is usually not chronically dry. Intensive moisturizing care and nourishing creams help. With theUltrasonic cleaner you can work creams even more intensively into the skin.

3. Sensitive skin
Sensitive skin reacts quickly to external stimuli, so it quickly becomes hot or reddened. She also feels somewhat tense. Due to the partial loss of the skin's natural protective barrier, the skin is prone to infections or allergic reactions. Creams that soothe and prevent dryness are ideal.

4. Oily skin
Oily skin appears shiny and is mostly genetic or hormonal. Soft cleansers help to remove sebum from the skin. An absolute game changer is ours LED light mask, which regulates sebum production and improves the complexion.

5. Combination skin
Combination skin is usually characterized by oily and dry areas. Ideally, you maintain the individual zones according to their specific needs. Thelight therapy mask can help to better adjust the overall balance of the skin.

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