You must know these 5 makeup hacks!

Posted by Michael Struchen on

1. Powder for your eyelashes
The key to fuller, more impressive lashes A little translucent powder. After the first layer of mascara, dust your lashes with a light layer of loose powder - this will add volume to your lashes and make them look thicker. Apply a second layer of mascara to cover the powder and you'll see the difference immediately..

If that's not enough for you, you can of course use ourLOVIS Lash Serum fall back on, which gives you longer, more color-intensive and thicker eyelashes in just a few weeks.

2. Apply concealer in a triangle
Instead of dabbing concealer under your eyes, apply it in an inverted triangle under your lower lash line to brighten dark circles and draw attention to your pupils.

3. Save your clumped mascara
Your favorite mascara is running out Add a few drops of saline solution (available at most stores or in eye/nose drop form) and swirl your brush around - this will help hydrate the mascara's formula and help it last extended..

4. Brush your brows into shape
When you're out of eyebrow gel, you can try this DIY method to keep even the most unruly brows in shape: Apply a small amount of hair gel, hairspray, or hairwax to a clean eyelash brush or toothbrush and brush your brows into shape.

You want even more intense and bushy eyebrows Our eyebrow serum gives you the eyebrows of your dreams in just a few weeks.

5. Set the lipstick with translucent powder
This old-fashioned trick has been around for generations - it's my personal favorite hack, especially when bright lipstick needs to stay on all night. Apply your favorite lipstick as you normally would. Then separate a layer of handkerchief (a layer of toilet paper also works on the way) and place the thin paper on your lips. Take a large brush and dab it neatly over the paper that's on your lips. For even better durability, you can apply lipstick again and repeat the procedure.


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