Skincare must-haves for fall

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Autumn has arrived and with it the needs of your skin are changing. The air becomes drier and cooler, the skin becomes more sensitive and is exposed to greater stress. Here you can find out how to properly care for your skin and how to optimally support it during this time of year:

1) Richer facial care

Not only should you use creams and serums with richer ingredients from autumn, you should also use them correctly. With the Ultrasonic Facial Cleaner you can work your skin care products even better into the skin, which intensively cares for the skin and makes it supple for the long term. This is possible thanks to ultrasonic technology, which massages care products into the deeper layers of the skin.

2) Less facial cleansing, but more effective

In order not to dry out your skin unnecessarily, it is advisable to only completely cleanse your facial skin once during the colder months. Ideally, you clean your face every evening with your favorite products and then apply facial care. In the morning, however, it is sufficient to cleanse the skin with water alone, if at all necessary. This will prevent redness and drying out of the skin.

3) Don't forget UV protection

Even if it's not that warm outside , the sun still shines and that means:Always wear sunscreen, even in autumn and winter!

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