Facial yoga:with muscle training to firmer skin?

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Facial yoga is a type of muscle training for the face, which is becoming more and more popular. Our face has around 25 to 35 muscles, which are specifically trained in face yoga. Muscle training can tighten the facial skin and reduce tension.

How does facial yoga work?

There are countless exercises to strengthen your facial muscles. They all have in common that by holding certain"grimaces"the underlying muscles are trained. Training these muscles creates more volume, which tightens the overlying skin.

What effects can I achieve through Face Yoga?

Targeted training of the facial muscles can reduce wrinkles and lines on the face. However, there are also non-visual effects, because facial yoga can relieve jaw tension and the associated headaches and relax tense necks.

Simple exercises to get you started

To reduce puffy eyes, you can make subtle tapping motions with your fingertips from under the eyebrow towards the ears. You then repeat these movements under the eyes, also in the direction of the ears. Third, you can place your fingers on your cheekbones and massage for about a minute.

Where can I find more information about Facial Yoga?

On the Instagram channel of Fumiko Takatsu you will find a lot of information about facial yoga and some exercises. And also on that Instagram channel of the Seya app you will find countless exercises for training all your facial muscles.

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