Skin care in summer

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Tip 1:care with ease

Not only your needs change in summer, but also those of your skin. While you dress lighter, your skin also needs lighter care.

The rule of thumb for skin care in summer is:"moisture before oil". When it is warm, the skin produces more sebum. This ensures that your skin is a little greasy on its own and quickly becomes oily in the heat.

So while it's still important for your skin to be properly hydrated, you can safely do without very nutritious, heavy creams in summer.

Tip 2:Sun protection before make-up

Especially important for your skin:daily sun protection. Ideally, protect your skin with a hat and extra sunscreen. You can apply this as the last step in your skin care routine, before make-up. Don't forget to reapply sunscreen regularly.

Tip 3:Thorough cleaning

Especially if you keep topping up your sunscreen throughout the day, it's important to completely cleanse your face of residues in the evening. Mineral sunscreens are best removed with oil-based make-up removers. UV protection with synthetic filters can be easily removed with your normal facial cleanser or even with shower gel.

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